Therapeutic Areas in Focus
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a barrage of challenges for cancer patients and NHS staff alike. The increased waiting times and pressure across the healthcare system has meant that treatment for cancer patients has been affected due to delayed diagnoses,
cancelled or postponed appointments, and concerns about coming into hospital. This section explores how pharma can work collaboratively with the NHS to address these challenges within the field of oncology.
COVID-19 illuminated the need for safe treatments that manage the inflammatory responses to respiratory diseases, and opened the door for potential new treatments. In this section, health experts explore how technology can improve the way clinical trials in respiratory are run, and remark on the ongoing need for effective, safe, and well tolerated medicines for conditions such as COPD and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
With a significant need to deliver quick, effective pain management to patients facing chronic or cancer-related pain, healthcare professionals are also under pressure to provide options with the lowest side-effect profiles possible. Exciting pathways for this include pain relief via transdermal delivery, CBD therapies, and compounded medicines, to deliver tailor-made treatments to patients, at the site of pain.
Many patients of rare diseases are neglected in research, with only one in 20 rare diseases having treatment options, creating a significant cumulative effect. Where the pandemic has made it harder for rare disease patients to receive treatment and participate in innovative research, significant ground is being made in the fields of gene editing, combination treatments, and viral delivery strategies.
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