ContentsTherapeutic Areas in Focus VOLUME 72 AUTUMN 2021Infectious DiseasesInfectious disease has been a neglected area in pharmaceutical development for more than three decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the ongoing need for new treatments and drug formulations, which are difficult to discover, develop, and distribute. However, experts have utilised numerous innovations to address the gap in treatments for infectious diseases, from COVID-19 to dengue fever – and, AI may be the future of drug discovery and repurposing.Rare DiseasesThe ‘diagnostic odyssey’ is one of the most prevalent challenges facing rare disease patients. The time and steps involved in receiving diagnosis and treatment can be an agonising process, lasting many years. With many barriers standing between patients and access to care, the psychological and logistical impacts on sufferers and their families are far reaching. This section delves into the measures that can be taken to combat the wide range of rare disease worldwide.DermatologySkin diseases can have a detrimental impact on a sufferer’s quality of life and mental wellbeing, affecting sleep, relationships, and selfimage. Redressing these matters includes improving patient welfare and treatment, through channels such as Integrated Care Systems. This section explores the priorities in this area to address the unmet needs of patients suffering from psoriasis, severe dermatitis, and other inflammatory skin diseases.Executive Director – PMGroup Worldwide Ltd - Karl Equi kequi@pmlive.comEditorial Coordinator - Will Brown will@samedanltd.comJournalist & Editorial Assistant - Lina Adams lina@pharmafile.comJournalist & Editorial Assistant - Ana Ovey ana@pharmafile.comSales Manager - Eliot Haynes eliot@pharmafile.comDesigner - Peter May designer@samedanltd.comPharmafile is published each Spring and Autumn.
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