Pharmafile events



Digital Health World Congress
23-24 May
London, UK

Digi-tech Pharma & AI
28-29 May
London, UK


Veeva Summit
4-5 June
Madrid, Spain

European Light Microscopy Initiative
4-7 June
Liverpool UK

Global Clinical Trial Innovation, Challenges, and Perspectives
6 June
Dublin, Ireland

ESMO Gynaecological Cancers Congress 2024
20-22 June
Florence, Italy

CPHI China
19-21 June
Shanghai, China

Chemspec Europe
19-20 June
Dusseldorf, Germany

ESMO Gastrointestinal Cancers Congress 2024
26-29 June
Munich, Germany

European Academy of Neurology
29 June-2 July
Helsinki, Finland


15th NHS Patient Flow Conference: Improving NHS Pathways
2 July
London, UK

Cell and Gene Therapy World Congress 2024 Europe
11-12 July
London, UK

CPHI South East Asia
10-12 July
Bangkok, Thailand

MRNA-based therapeutics summit
29-31 July
Boston, US


CPHI Korea
27-29 August
Seoul, Korea


11th RWE, Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement 2024 Americas
9-10 September
Philadelphia, US

CPHI & PMEC Shenzhen
9-11 September
Shenzhen, China

ESMO Congress 2024
13-17 September
Barcelona, Spain

15th Biosimilars & Biologics Global Congress 2024 Europe
23-24 September
London, UK


5th Patient Centricity & Collaboration World Congress 2023 Americas
3-4 October
Washington DC, US

COG West Coast
8-9 October
San Francisco, US

CPHI Europe
8-10 October
Milan, Italy

Molecular Analysis for Precision Oncology Congress 2024
16-18 October
London, UK

FlyPharma Europe
23-24 October
Vienna, Austria

29-30 October
Barcelona, Spain


16th European Multidisciplinary Congress on Urological Cancers EMUC 2024
7-10 November
Lisbon, Portugal

COG Europe
12-13 November
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

CPHI India
26-28 November
Delhi, India


COG CRO Summit
3-4 December
Raleigh, US

ESMO Asia Congress
6-8 December
Singapore, Singapore

CIPH Middle East
10-12 December
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress 2024
11-13 December
Geneva, Switzerland