ContentsTherapeutic Areas in Focus VOLUME 74 AUTUMN 2022NewsOur brand-new news section covers hot topics from the most important mergers and acquisitions, some significant drug approvals, investigations in the pharma sphere and major news in the world of oncology.Keep up to date with the biggest news from the pharma world from pages 6 to 11.NeurologyNeurology is a key focus topic within this edition, exploring the advances in neurological research, as well as analysing the unmet needs in the field and its future. Many developments have already been made – for example, the use of AI and digital tech – but there is still a long way to go in understanding the needs of patients and in further advancing research techniques.Rare DiseasesRare diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. As a result, there is constant research and analysis in this area, evident in the largest section of this edition. Rare disease research has long been neglected, in part due to its inherent difficulties. With rare diseases beginning to garner more attention, patient advocacy organisations - a powerful tool for rare diseases researchers - also deserve recognition in this space.Cardiovascular and Metabolic HealthHeart disease is ranked as the largest cause of death worldwide, making research into novel treatments hugely important. Equally important is ensuring equivalent access to medicine and therapies in cardiovascular disease treatment, as vast inequalities have arisen since the COVID-19 pandemic began.Executive Director – PMGroup Worldwide Ltd - Karl Equi kequi@pmlive.comGroup Managing Editor – PMGroup Worldwide Ltd - Iona Everson IEverson@pmlive.comEditorial Assistant - Betsy Goodfellow betsy@pharmafile.comSales Manager - Eliot Haynes eliot@pharmafile.comDesigner - Peter May designer@samedanltd.comPharmafile is published each Spring and Autumn.
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