Aptar Pharma completes first phase of global expansion

Aptar Pharma has announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of an expansion programme, costing around $180m. The global expansion aims to fulfil growing customer capacity needs for injection system solutions. It began in 2020 and intends to ultimately enable Aptar Pharma to produce over 10 billion injectable component units each year once it is completed.
Injectables make up around 50% of the pharmaceutical drug development pipeline, with a 40% market share, and between 2016 and 2020 the sales growth of injectables was over 10% compound annual growth rate. This is largely driven by biologics and the ever-growing demand for high value solutions, which Aptar Pharma aims to develop.
Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma, said, “Our planned expansion programme proved timely and was expedited by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The investments we’re making to expand manufacturing capacity and in new, digitalised processes will benefit our customers well into the future.”
The expansion includes facilities and investments in France and the US, with a factory in Granville, France, expected to be open and operational by 2024.
Gabriel Zenker, President of Aptar Pharma Injectables, commented: “With this programme, we’re transforming our organisation to offer pharma companies of all sizes enhanced ways to fasttrack and de-risk their product development. In doing so, we’re fulfilling our commitment to making Aptar Pharma a first-choice, longterm partner for those seeking sustainable success for their drug development pipelines as part of our mission to shape the future of injectables together with our customers.”