Partnerships and collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry

In any industry, companies must innovate and collaborate in order to drive their growth and success, and in the life sciences industry this is now more important than ever.
As the past year has shown, pharmaceutical companies operate in a dynamic environment that presents numerous opportunities for growth. To capture these opportunities, they are looking for collaborations from joint ventures from strategic partners to achieve their goals in the most cost-effective way – delivering new treatments for patients.
Pharmafile is a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their collaborative potential, alongside other potential partners in the pharma and biotech industries. The only publication to bring together innovative companies and highlights these existing projects across the industry to the people who matter, alongside key market insights and the latest analyses and case studies.
Therapeutic focus areas in 2024:
Spring issue: Pain management, Rare diseases, Psychoactives Autumn Issue: Oncology, Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, Women’s health
• The latest legal and regulatory requirements
• Reports documenting financial trends that are appearing across the market
• Research developments that are changing the marketplace
• How the latest tech could be set to disrupt the area
• Covering: AI Drug Discovery, Biomarkers, Drug Development, Clinical Trials, Personalised Medicine, Gene Editing, Biosimilars, Market Access, Real World Data, Wearables/Interventional Devices and Patient Experience